Creating a coupon in WooCommerce


You have an online store setup in WordPress + WooCommerce and you wish to offer some discounted coupons to your customers. The black Friday event is approaching or an event that you want to make out of it as eshop owner. But, you haven’t created any coupons before. This post is for you.


Login into your WordPress Admin panel and go to the sidebar Menu -> Marketing -> Coupons as shown in the screenshot below.

*If the Coupons option is missing, that means it needs to be enabled from the WooCommerce -> Settings -> General tab -> Enable use of coupon codes (see screenshot below) and refresh the page after saving the changes.

Then in the next screen that appears click on the Add coupon button.

Add a coupon name e.g. “promo” that new customers will be applying when checking out their order or viewing their cart/ basket.

Next, it’s time to select the discount type. There are three types available:

  1. Percentage discount (e.g. 50% off on the total order amount)
  2. Fixed cart discount (e.g. 100$ off on the total order amount)
  3. Fixed product discount (e.g. 20$ off from each product in the order. If a product costs 10$; then 10$ is discounted)

In this case, we would like to offer 30% off so we select the first discount type. Next, adding the value 30 that represents the percentage off the total price and finally on this screen we set an expiration date. We would like the current coupon to be valid till the end of October, 2021. It is good to note that the date is exclusive, i.e. on that date the coupon is invalid.

Another one feature we would like to utilize is the coupon to be used only once by each customer. Under the Usage limits -> Usage limit per user -> set to 1 as shown in the screenshot above.

Finally, if all the details entered are correct, click Publish and the coupon is ready to be used straight away on the next orders!


In this post we saw how easy and quick an Admin can set up a coupon to be used in the next orders. This powerful feature offers additional functionality like limiting the number of total uses for a coupon e.g. total of 100 times that can be useful in some use cases.

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2 years ago

Very helpful!! Thanks a lot 😉

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