Using range() to generate list of numbers in Python

Using range() to generate list of numbers in Python problem You’re learning Python and wish to combine range with for loop. In this post we will see an example of this combination and how useful it is. SOLUTION The range is a built-in function that generates a range type. For example a range of values, […]

For loop in Python

For loop in python problem We wish to repeat actions/ commands. One way is by using the built-in loop mechanisms of Python. In this post we will use the well-known for loop. SOLUTION The for-loop is usually preferable when we know exactly how many times we wish to iterate. For example, we want to iterate […]

For loop in java

FOR LOOP IN Java problem You wish to use a repetition mechanism in your Java program and execute an action or set of actions more than once. One of the options is the vastly used for-loop. It helps us to use this mechanism when the number of iterations is known before hand. For example, we […]