Hello World in HTML

Hello World in Html Problem No problem here, just need to write the simplest program when you start programming in the simplest language. The well-known Hello World program. The program when runs simply shows a “Hello World” message to the user (world). Code Save the above in a file with .html extension e.g. hello_world.html Open […]

Hello World in Java

Hello world in java problem You wish to get your hands dirty with the Java Programming language but you’re a first-timer (or second) SOLUTION Hello World is usually the first classic program we write when first interact with a new programming language. HelloWorld.java running public class HelloWorld { public static void main(String args[]){ System.out.println(“Hello World”); […]

Hello world in Python

Hello world in Python Hello World is the classic and first program we usually write in our first interaction with a programming language. Version used: Python 3.9.0 You can download Python from its official page here.